Everyday Batteries

Everyday Batteries

Top-Grade Everyday Batteries

We sell both alkaline and lithium batteries in the common sizes found in many everyday, household items. These batteries are used in remote controls for TVs, flashlights, smoke detectors, toys, and games. We carry Rayovac batteries that are manufactured in the USA. 

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Wide-Ranging Use of Our Lithium Batteries

We provide fine-quality lithium batteries, which are long-lasting and rechargeable, making them efficient for everyday use in:
  • Smoke detectors
  • Clocks
  • Portable electronics like digital cameras and calculators
  • Flashlights
Lithium batteries stand apart from other batteries in their high charge density.

Alkaline Batteries for Everyday Use

Alkaline batteries are inexpensive and account for 80% of manufactured batteries in the US. They are non-rechargeable and are the most common type of batteries for electronic devices such as:
  • TV remotes
  • Children's toys
  • Low-drain wireless devices like computer keyboards or doorbells 
Check out our wide range of heavy duty car batteries
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Ours is a locally owned business in Bradenton, FL. We have been selling a wide-range of quality batteries for 10 years.
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